MEDIA RELEASE – 22 October 2010

The Tiara Project overcomes financial barriers to turn all girls into princesses.

Admin Bandit, provider of software to support the treasurers of not-for-profit organisations, would like to commend client “The Tiara Project” for the wonderful work they are doing in our community.


Every young girl dreams of looking like a princess at her school formal or debut but until The Tiara Project came along girls from disadvantaged backgrounds were doomed to be stay-at-home Cinderellas.

The Tiara Project formed in April 2010, The Tiara Project has more than 600 immaculately beautiful dresses in stock along with elegant jewellery and accessories. The garments, for all shapes and sizes, are loaned out for the special event so that every girl has her chance to be a princess.

Since the project began in April of this year The Tiara Project has dressed over 60 young ladies and made a big difference in their lives.

President, Amanda Stokes, says” We are currently dressing 15 young ladies with disabilities for them to attend their debutante ball. This is in conjunction with the Bayside Council and Kingston Council. We have also arranged for Pink Limos to take the girls to the ball as well as Day Spa Parties to treat them to 2 hours of pampering on the day. The Body Shop will be doing the girls makeup. This has all been organised for FREE by The Tiara Project.”

The Body Shop will be providing ongoing support by doing FREE makeovers for each girl attending their ball. The Beauty Club have come on board as another supporter and will be providing each girl with a lip gloss to take with her on the night.

 The Tiara Project accepts referrals from school and community groups. The project is seeking enthusiastic and passionate people to join the committee and make their next year a successful one. If you would love to make a difference within the community this would be a lovely place to start.

The Tiara Project is doing remarkable work in boosting self-esteem and confidence in girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Admin Bandit encourages businesses and individuals to support their efforts though the donations of time, money or outfits.

 For more information about “The Tiara Project” please go to the website http://www.thetiaraproject.com.au  


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