Media Release – 22 March 2011

Announcing Sydney Café Culture, a brand new iPhone and iPad app specialising in all you need to know about Sydney cafes. Available from the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

  Here are some of Sydney’s best and brightest cafes – and coffees

  • Love your coffee?
  • Need a caffeine fix?
  • Just want a cool place to hangout?

 Sydney has all this and more. Find out where and when and why. You’ll love these places!?

 Here are 200 of the best cafes in Sydney, selected and visited by experts. They range from surfie-chic beachside places to sleek inner-city spaces. Some are combined with bakeries, roasteries, bookshops and galleries; many embrace organic food and coffee; two are open 24 hours a day, every day.

 A hundred of them are within a few kilometres of the city centre. The others are located in beach suburbs, suburban streets or business centres. Each entry includes a link to the timetable page of the appropriate transport to get you there!

 These are the places you need to know about when you want to meet someone for coffee, chill out on a lazy weekend, or simply indulge your coffee fixation!

 Sydney’s baristas are some of the most skilled and passionate in the world. Now you can locate the finest of them – and see them at their best.??

 ? About the Authors ???

Sally Hammond has been a food writer and restaurant reviewer in her home city, Sydney, for over two decades. She is also crazy about coffee. But it must be the best – and made well!??

 Her husband, Gordon Hammond, is an award-winning photographer, so together they make the perfect team to prepare this first-ever App on one of the things Sydney does best. ??

 In 2000, the year of the Sydney Olympics, Sally put together the first book about Sydney cafes, 250 Cafes in and around Sydney, one of the numerous guide books and travelogues she has written. In 1999 her Australian Regional Food Guide was a ground-breaking guide to local food around the country. This has now morphed into a website which she and Gordon publish as www.australianregionalfoodguide.com.au with around 4000 entries.??

 Recently Sally launched another website on food and travel: www.foodandtravel.com.au underlining her two specialties. And of course all the stunning photography on both websites comes from Gordon.??

 Now, they have again combined their skills in their chosen fields, and this time blended it with the finest coffee Sydney has to offer – what a delicious project! – and happily passing their findings on to the world.

 This is all brand-new research. While creating this App Sally and Gordon visited every café on Sydney Café Culture. They tasted coffees, spoke to baristas and took the photos you see on each entry.

 “We were thrilled with the standard of cafes we visited,” says Sally. “The dedication of the baristas and the range of styles they are making – not to mention their ‘latte art’ ­designs – are quite amazing. And there are some very exciting new roasters, too, doing exceptional coffee blends.”

 The cafes can be sorted under categories, so it’s easy to see which have free wifi, for example, or where you can sit outdoors, which ones are ‘hidden gems’ or have all-day breakfasts, and to locate those that are focussed on health.

 The easy functionality of the app allows you to see at a glance which cafes are nearby and make your decision on the spot.

 This is not the end, though. The Hammonds are already collecting new favourites and welcome tip-offs from all café-lovers as there will be regular updates in the coming months.

 Sally thinks of this app as a way of sharing secrets.

 “These are the places we like,” she says. “The ones I say to my friends ‘you have to have a coffee there!’ Now I’m telling everyone!”??

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