Media Release – Thursday 6 March 2014

Canberra’s National Driving Academy has released a free Ebook, Learning to drive in Canberra to assist Canberra learner drivers and their parents with one of the most significant and potentially most life altering events, getting a driver’s licence.

“The new Ebook provides both parents and learners with some insights as they embark on the journey of becoming an independent driver,” said Tony Commisso, director of National Driving Academy, the local representative of NRMA Insurance and the President of the Australian Driver Trainers Association ACT Inc.

The Ebook addresses the steps involved in getting a driver’s licence in the ACT and helpful hints for learner drivers and their parents to make the process smoother and safer for all involved. Tony Commisso explains that the Ebook was born out of his own concerns as a parent of a learner driver.

“As a parent I was faced with the great uncertainty, anxiety and fear associated with of my children obtaining a learner licence and subsequently their P plates. The reality was that until such time as my children reached the licensing age it was never a top of mind issue.

“However, once they were at that age, I realised that I was relatively unprepared, largely uninformed and the news reports of young driver accidents resonated in a way they had not done previously,” Mr Commisso continued.

Tony says there are many approaches to obtaining a driver’s licence – some learners choose to practice with family and friends and then take the test, others rely entirely on professional driver trainers.

Tony believes that neither approach is ideal. He says it’s important to ensure that the 12 to 15 months spent holding a learner driver’s licence should provide a wide, long and deep learning experience for the learner.

“From my experience it can be very effective to have professional driver training right up front, which develops basic skills and confidence, followed on by monthly lessons to ensure progressive and structure skills and attitudinal development,” Mr Commisso concluded.

The new Ebook, Learning to Drive in Canberra, is available now for free from the National Driving Academy’s websitehttp://promo.nationaldrivingacademy.com.au/ebook2/ For more information on National Driving Academy visit www.nationaldrivingacademy.com.au

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