Canberrans with an interest in exploring the outdoors and Amazing Race-style urban challenges, will have the opportunity to give it a go with the Civic Urban Hustle, taking place on Saturday 9th November.

In April of 2019 the City Renewal Authority (CRA) put out the call for creative individuals, groups and organisations, who were interested in enriching and enlivening public spaces in Civic, Braddon and Acton, known as the Grant Workshop Program. This opportunity gave varying businesses like Fully Rad Adventures, a boost to contribute, brainstorm and hold activations to help them in their goal of enriching public spaces within the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy (CCMIL) area. The Civic Urban Hustle Marks the first of these exciting activations for 2019.

“Put simply, teams of two will explore Canberra’s city precinct on foot answering questions, solving puzzles, completing challenges and collecting points along the way, most importantly, whilst having fun,” said Richard Old, Fully Rad Adventures’ Events Director.

“It won’t necessarily be the fastest team that wins, but rather the smartest. The Hustle starts with a list of cryptic questions and a map. Teams then decode the clues and plot their route to finish before the time cut off,” Richard continued.

As the third Urban Hustle Adventure Challenge to be held in Australia this year, and in combination with Richard’s 12 years’ experience as a Tourism Events Manager before becoming ‘Fully Rad’, this is set to be a great way to help CRA keep moving towards their overarching project mission, while ticking additional tourism boxes for enhancing interest in what’s happening in Canberra.

“The connection between Civic Hustle and CRA’s original grant, is that it will get people outside and back into the city, while also getting people to look at the city from a different point of view – so they can see it as a space where they can play as adults, be physically active and be a bit adventurous. It can be more than just a place where they come to shop or work. We had great success with this in Port Stephens in July, and in Mandurah in WA in August, so it’ll be great to bring the fun to Canberra.

“The next component or aim of Civic Hustle once we get people engaged and in the city in this new way, is to get them interacting with businesses while building new perspectives and relationships with those businesses. To essentially get them to say, ‘wow I didn’t know this was here’, ‘this is exciting’ and most importantly, ‘we should come back’. I think that’s why the City Renewal Authority was quite excited to include this as part of their upcoming program and of course, why we’re keen to play a part in adding a better than average dose of excitement to the inner-city Canberra area,” Richard continued.

As part of the Canberra Urban Hustle, a variety of local businesses will be holding events and getting involved in different capacities on the day. From everything as simple as selfie-for-instore voucher low-point scorers, to more extreme “Amazing Race style” high stakes and high points challenges.  Some businesses already onboard include Capital Games, Pacific Suites, Hogs Breath Café and Capital Pancakes.

“Everyone and anyone can participate, and entries are open with special rates for students and kids. We can’t wait to see Canberrans hustle,” concluded Richard.

For more information, visit the Fully Rad Hustle Facebook page, visit www.urbanhustle.org or email [email protected]

Media Backgrounder

City Renewal Authority and the Grant

  • City Renewal Authority (CRA) has developed the City Precinct Renewal Program as a foundation for their work. Implementation of the program will ensure the renewal of the precinct results in great places that are well positioned to thrive in a national and global setting.
  • The City Precinct Renewal Program is informed by existing precinct strategies and plans, and further distils these into a detailed plan of action with a 30-year delivery horizon. It outlines the current demographic and development context and sets clear goals with precinct-wide targets based on the government’s policies.
  • One component of CRA’s overarching plan is the Grant Workshop Program which took applications of interest from creative individuals and groups in April of 2019 to help them to better enrich public spaces in the CCMIL City Precinct area. More details can be found here.

Canberra local businesses taking part on the day

Who What? (Involvement Type) Where? (Location on the day)
Capital Games Selfie challenge and find the clue hunt 38 Garema Pl, Civic. 2601.
Pacific Suites Selfie Challenge 100 Northbourne Ave, Braddon. 2612.
Capital Pancakes Physical Challenge – TBA 122 Alinga St, Civic. 2601.
Hogs Breath Cafe TBA TBA
Harlequin Jewelers Selfie challenge and find the clue hunt 18/27 Lonsdale St, Braddon. 2612.
The RUC Turner Bowls Club Beat an oldie at bowls 54 McCaughey St, Turner. 2612.
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