Canberra’s very own luxury, bespoke jewellery concierge, Plumery, has just opened its doors in Deakin, ACT. And the brand, together with some exquisite statement pieces, were officially launched today in style with High Tea at Hyatt Hotel Canberra.

Founded in 2015 and launched in 2017 by Canberra’s own Danielle Klar, a qualified Gemmologist and expert at sourcing superior gems to suit various budgets, Plumery provides bespoke, individualised jewellery advice for the purchase of custom designed collection pieces.  It is a concierge service to assist people in discovering jewellery that they desire and value.

“Plumery offers exquisite jewellery that is designed to be worn every day – whether it’s an engagement, birthday, milestone, time of life, a special occasion or something to make a difficult time or transition seem worth it, Plumery can help source gems, finished pieces or guide a client through the jewellery making process from design to finished beautiful hand-crafted pieces,” said Plumery creator and owner, Danielle Klar.

“The Plumery philosophy is to design pieces of jewellery that fit with clients’ lifestyle. They are beautiful and adaptable, can work in different ways, day and night, for work and play and most importantly, not hidden away waiting for that special occasion,” Danielle continued.

The very first Plumery store front is a luxurious studio open by appointment only, located in the Equinox Business Park in Deakin. Visitors are encouraged to think of Plumery as a jewellery concierge – Danielle is your ‘GP of jewellery’. The art of creating a piece begins with an appointment to discuss requirements and design a piece or a suite of jewellery that the client desires.

“Bespoke jewellery creation is an artisanal craft, and depending on the style of the design I will either make the piece myself or call upon a selection of highly skilled crafts people. It is the perfect combination of design, gold, diamonds and precious gems, together with the skillsets of jewellers, diamond setting, polishing and engraving, that results in custom-made exquisite jewellery,” Danielle continued.

Currently open by appointment only, Danielle will soon open gallery style on Saturdays for people to visit the boutique and review the current collections. To see some of Plumery’s launch pieces visit us @plumery on Facebook or @plumerygems on Instagram


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