Look what’s POPping up in time for Christmas! Canberra’s much loved local businesses, Underground Spirits and POP Canberra, have collaborated to give Canberrans another reason to support and shop local this Christmas, with the release of their new POP Canberra x Underground Spirits Gin – Sweet Sun Soaked Gin.

And it really is Canberra in a bottle.

ACT Minister for the Arts and Business & Better Regulation, Tara Cheyne, ‘popped’ the lid on this very special business collaboration at POP Canberra today.

“It’s great to see our local businesses get back to it after what has been a very difficult year for many, and proof we should have every confidence in Canberra designers, makers and producers,” said Tara Cheyne, MLA.

“Here are two local artisan businesses working together to bring Canberrans a great Christmas gift idea – a fun and summery gin they say is as Canberra as it gets.

“Inspired by Braddon and made in Kambah, its Canberra northside joining forces with Canberra southside to create the perfect bottle to pop open over Christmas drinks. And it will take pride and place on the ‘top shelf’ of Braddon’s POP Canberra store, a great support to over 220 local makers that showcases locally produced products,” Ms Cheyne continued.

Underground Spirits is the latest local producer to collaborate with POP, today releasing their new Sweet Sun Soaked Gin alongside trays of mangoes in the vibrant surrounds of POP Canberra.

“We worked with Underground to create and capture nostalgic, golden sun soaked Canberra days, perfectly warm, gentle summer evenings. The gin is sweet, bold, bright and fun, reminiscent of late nights in our original pop-up in the early years. This is the gin of summer,” said POP Canberra CEO, Gabe Trew.

POP Canberra x Underground Spirits Sweet Sun Soaked Gin offers the flavours of Mango Bubble Tea (a reference to the ‘Canberra bubble’); Bay Leaf (for the love of Canberrans’ second home Batemans (the) Bay; a Bouquet of Flowers (a nod to spring in Canberra) and Native Lime (for the Canberra ‘lime’ NRL team the Raiders.)

“Working with the POP Canberra team on a gin was a piece of cake and real joy! They curate and create such a gorgeous and delightful range of products – to work with them to fit an exclusive gin into their mix really was a delight. We have created a knockout gin that is flamboyantly Canberran!”, said Underground Spirits’ CEO, Claudia Roughley.

Minister Cheyne revealed at today’s launch that POP Canberra and Underground Spirits are also working closely together to bring Canberrans a bar experience later in summer, with plans for Canberra’s smallest pop-up bar featuring Underground gin tastings now in the pipeline.

POP Canberra x Underground Spirits Sweet Sun Soaked Gin is available for pre-sale now. There are only three ways to get a hold of it – head in store to POP Canberra or order online for in-store pick up only from Tuesday 14th December, or order online at Underground Spirits (shipping from 14 December – delivery Canberra-wide up until Christmas Eve). For more information visit www.popcanberra.com.au or www.undergroundspirits.com.au

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