MEDIA RELEASE – 8 December 2009

 It’s around this time of year when we’re all running short of time and trying to cram in the Christmas present shopping for friends and family. That’s why local Canberra business, Bunyip Toys, has launched an online sales website to make buying quality kids toys easier this Christmas.

“Who wants to face the busy shops after a hard day’s work? The Bunyip Toys website allows you to browse and buy your children’s Christmas presents from the comfort of your own home, at a time that best suits you,” says Bunyip Toys’ owner and operator, Andrew Hellyer.

Bunyip Toys not only offer the convenience of online shopping, they also provide customers with quality durable toys that encourage imaginative play. The company specialises in Playmobil, a line of German-made figures made in different themes including zoo, fairies, firemen and many more. Bunyip Toys has already established itself as one of Australia’s biggest sellers of Playmobil…not bad for a small Canberra company.

“As a parent myself, the appeal of Playmobil is that the toys are great value, they are durable and kids play with them a lot. They are set apart from other competitive toy ranges because of their quality, variety, flexibility and durability,” said Andrew.

With Christmas fast approaching, Bunyip Toys, also stock a large range of puzzles, games, books and toys.

“We like toys that encourage kids to be active – physically and mentally. So good books, craft items, wooden trains and the like all meet our criteria. Plus we have a few of our favourite soft toy brands.

“And importantly, all our products have been kid tested. Almost all of the products we sell are ones that we have at home – and our kids and us have used, played with and put to the test. If we don’t like a toy, we won’t stock it,” he continued.

Customers can browse and buy online now for orders in time for Christmas at www.bunyiptoys.com.au Shipping is just $8 per order for anywhere in Australia.


Top 10 reasons to buy online this Christmas


1. You can view thousands of stores right from the comfort of your computer chair.

2. You don’t have to worry about carrying items to the car and then the house as they are delivered direct to your door.

3. It saves you time and money.

4. The internet provides helpful tips about toy safety and possible recalls.

5. Mum and Dad can shop for toys without the kids in tow.

6. You are able to find precisely the toy you want in the most efficient manner.

7. You can learn about sales more easily.

8. You can find out whether or not a toy is in stock before you get to the store.

9. There are more discounts and promotions available, and prices are lesser online compared to the stores.

10. It gives you a chance to find the toys not available in stores.

Bunyip Toys


  • Bunyip Toys is an online speciality shop, based in Canberra, providing customers with quality durable toys that encourage imaginative play.
  • The company was established by Andrew Hellyer and the online store now operates at www.bunyiptoys.com.au
  •  The name Bunyip Toys came out of Andrew wanting a name that was quirky and Australian. Being fond of the book “The Monster who ate Canberra”, about how Alexander the Bunyip ate his way through Canberra’s buildings, he thought Bunyip would be a good name.
  •  Bunyip Toys specialise in Playmobil, a line of German toys with figures in different themes including fairies, Egyptians, zoo, cowboys and many more. The manufacturing process is very efficient, as you would expect from a German company. Playmobil is known for its quality, variety, flexibility and durability. See www.playmobil.com for more detail.
  • Andrew is a self-confessed Playmobil addict, owning close to 1000 figures himself. He began collecting Playmobil in the 70s, with the collection really taking shape after living in Germany for three years in the 80s. Now he has friends send it from overseas, buys a lot on e-bay and has bought several huge pre-owned collections from the US. Now with children of his own he has an excuse for buying more.
  • Bunyip Toys also stock puzzles, games and loads of other cool things for kids that meet high standards for quality, durability and creativity.
  •  All products have been kid tested.
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