Media Release – 8 March 2015

Australian tech start-up Red Robot have revolutionised the humble photo booth and will be showcasing their innovation on the global stage at the first ever Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas on 15 April 2015.

From international brands such as the BBC and Lipton, to national brands such as Myer and Wild Turkey, Canberra-based Red Robot have been busy making a name for themselves as the largest photo booth manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere.

“With social media and green screen integration, we’ve reinvented the photo booth for the digital age,” said Phil Preston of Red Robot.  “Not only are the booths great for parties, bars and the like, they are a perfect business marketing tool due to their portability, flexibility, ease of set up and the opportunities for brand interaction and engagement.”

Phil, along with Red Robot colleagues Duncan Amos and Peter Walsh, will head to Las Vegas, Nevada, to speak at and sponsor the world’s first ever global Photo Booth Expo.  The photo booth industry is estimated to be worth over $1billion and over 86 vendors are attending the Expo.  While there, they are hoping to meet with potential international distributors to sell their photo booths on volume.

“We have sold over 250 booths to date throughout Australia and New Zealand, with an average price of $10,000 per booth,” said Phil.  “We’ve recently signed a distribution deal in Spain and have begun exporting to Europe, and we’re attending the world’s first ever Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas to find international distributors and expand our presence further in the northern hemisphere”.

The Red Robot team currently produce ‘off the shelf’ portable, modular or pop up photo booths, as well as fully customised and branded options. They have built customised booths for brands including Lipton, Myer and Wild Turkey and even a Dr Who inspired Tardis photo booth for the BBC.

Red Robot has collected several major design awards for their photo booths including both the 2014 Sydney and Melbourne Design Awards, the 2014 Canberra Business Point Awards for both High Growth and Overall Business of the Year, and the Australian Startup Awards Product Business of the Year 2014.

For more information on Red Robot visit www.redrobotindustries.com.  For more information on the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas, head to http://thephotoboothexpo.com/

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