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E-newsletters are a proven, cost-effective way to stay in touch with your customers and to generate more business. Find out more information about Threesides Email Marketing services here. Integrate Threemail into your website as a quick and easy way to capture valuable leads and start your customer journey.

Threemail is our very own email system compatible with Campaign Monitor software. This integration makes it simple for your customers to sign up for your e-news via your website.

Get in touch with us if you need help setting up the plugin, or need access to your Threemail API Keys. 

Hustle – Popup and Signup by WPMUDEV

Hustle by WPMUDEV - the easy way to integrate Threemail into your website

Hustle Pro WordPress Marketing Plugin

An alternate WordPress plugin to Bloom is Hustle by WPMU Dev. Offering both a free and premium version, Hustle provides a great tool to include popups, slide-in and embedded forms. One great feature is the direct integration into Campaign Monitor and Threemail – once you’ve sign-in with your API Keys, you’ll be able to choose the subscriber list that new signups register to.

Hustle includes a range of pre-built, conversion optimised templates, or you can work with Threesides to develop a personalised solution that fits seamlessly into your website.

You can integrate Threemail via Hustle and choose to show the popup or slide-in based on engagement metrics such as scroll depth or time on site. Hustle also respects opt-out, and if your users hide the popup, it won’t share if

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