Independent Property Management

What do you do when your city is projected to grow by 25,000 over four years? Build, of course! And the people to market those buildings? Independent. With several developments including Tarlo in Woden, and Kingsborough in Kingston, Independent contacted Threesides with the challenge of creating online ads for its developers and Real Estate Agents to gain high quality sales leads.

For each development, our digital advertising strategies have included a mixture of Google AdWords Search and Display campaigns and Facebook Advertising. More recently, we have also begun to produce organic social media content. Measurement is key here, and our custom made digital data dashboards have been instrumental in providing clear insight into each campaign’s performance for Independent and its developers.

With the continued guarantee of high quality leads at a relatively low cost, Threesides has been enlisted to assist in the online marketing of additional developments as Independent’s preferred digital advertising agency.

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We don't like Google Ads. We LOVE them. And we're not even just into the popular ones like search and display, we love YouTube, remarketing and Gmail ads equally....

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Social strategy, social management, or just some social advice? Get social with us....

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Having writer's block? Let us help you to engage your audience through sassy copy and content that stands out in social media, their inbox, on the web and in print....