Fully Rad Adventures

Fully Rad Adventures is Australia's newest adventure event company. They love the outdoors, adventures, exploring, racing, pushing boundaries and new experiences. Their aim is to get more people outside creating adventure and having fun. Fully Rad Adventures developed and presented the Wildside Adventure Race, Canberra, 30 September - 6 October 2017.

Victorian Team ThunderboltAR take out Wildside Adventure Race in Canberra

The winning team has crossed the finish line of the Wildside Adventure Race (WildsideAR) 2017 which has been taking place in Canberra and the surrounding regions since Monday. ThunderboltAR, a team of three men and one woman from Victoria, crossed the finish line returning to Wildside Headquarters at Ibis Eaglehawk Sutton just after 2am this……

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