To assist us in delivering great marketing products for our clients we often partner or refer our clients to the following suppliers who are specialists in their field.

Chapman Images

Previously co-located with Threesides back in Cape Street Dickson but still never far away. Paul Chapman, director and photographer, has produced beautiful photos for our clients over the years, particularly in the areas of event, corporate and food photography. He is also responsible for making the Threesides team look beautiful in our own corporate shots.


Hocking Creative

Hocking Creative is a Canberra based graphic design and web design company that Threesides has used for a range of graphic design projects. We rely on Jon Hocking, director and graphic designer, for his quick turnarounds on small to large jobs.


Downie Design

Not only do we love having Emily Downie co-located with us at Threesides Head Quarters she is also a great graphic designer that is great with new branding, web and print design.


Jon Shirley Creative

Jon Shirley, Director and graphic designer, has been great to work with on a range of client projects and he’s got a great eye for campaign and large publication projects.


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