As we are all winding down for the year we would like to take a moment to thank you for supporting our wonderful team here at Threesides through yet another interesting year!

As our values say “we love what we do” and “we care a lot” but this wouldn’t be possible without our clients, community, family and friends supporting us all the way. So thank you for trusting us, whether that be with your marketing, reading our blog or referring us to a friend.

In our final blog for the year, the whole team has taken the time to share a few words on the year they’ve had and what’s in store for 2022.

In 2021 we might have worked together, helped you with a campaign, launched your new website, shared the latest on socials, helped tell your story in the media, filmed that big moment, run a training session with your team, launched a new product or brand, helped you in and out of lockdown or maybe we just followed each other on social media.  Regardless of how we connected this year – you’ve stayed part of our community and that matters to us.  So thanks for being part of our story this year and we’re only days away from ticking over the calendar and doing it all again in 2022.

Let’s solve the puzzle of what 2022 looks like together (right after we unplug, share some time with friends and family and work on that summer holiday tan.)

Best wishes and much love,

x Rachel, Todd and Team Threesides.

P.S. Our office is closed from lunch today 24/12 and most of us are back Monday 10/01. 

P.P.S. 📷 Big thanks to Mode Imagery for making us looking so beautiful in our photos this edition.  

“2021 was definitely a step up from 2020! We learnt a lot from the first lockdown and it helped us collaborate and connect better this year as a team, even when there was moments I thought home schooling would never end!


My hopes for 2022 – no home schooling, lots of weekends away in our little country cottage, a little less rain and more fun times with the team doing what we love doing!”

“See I told you so – 2021, was nothing like 2020….. 


So putting aside the obvious Groundhog day reference, this year was another year where we really nailed this thing called team and community.  Our staff, our families, our clients, suppliers and our local community all rallied around and supported each other through the tough bits and kept everyone’s heads above water.  But this wasn’t doggy paddle – this was Olympic level freestyle stuff (maybe with a few too many sprints!).  We kept moving at pace and stayed at every turn.


Against the odds we kept delivering, innovating, measuring, trusting, creating, launching and bettering ourselves with the next job we delivered.  Gold medals?  Sure  – give one to everyone Oprah style and for 2022 let’s get back in the pool – We’ve got this.”

“2021, what can I say. 17 weeks in lockdown here in Sydney was the ultimate test in resilience, and we made it!


What honestly helped me through was coming to work each day and working with a great bunch of clients on really fulfilling projects. And knowing our work made a true difference to those clients, who let’s face it, were also experiencing their own challenges daily.


Onwards and upwards for a fresh start and more exciting marketing in 2022 – Merry Christmas!”

“Amidst the changes that were happening in the world, 2021 was a year where things were changing digitally too. Major platform updates have kept us on the front foot and adapted the way we’re working to ensure that campaigns run smoothly and effectively. Bayley joined us early in the year – a great addition to Threesides – particularly our Digital team. Make sure to ask for a random fact in your next email with him.


It’ll be interesting to see where 2022 will go – ecommerce and customer experience development is becoming more and more important, and we’re making sure that we’re across this and will keep working on new and interesting projects in this space.”

“For me, 2021 was the year of perspective. Although a challenge and I was pushed to what I thought was my breaking point, I wouldn’t change a thing (other than having a fish tank – which nearly burnt down my house). 2022 will hopefully be less challenging, time with family, and of course many laughs with the Threesides team.”

Merry Christmas x

“I had a great year working on some fantastic clients and projects, including: media and PR for MoAD’s HiveMind exhibition and managing SportsCare Canberra’s brand refresh, which will be completely launched in early 2022. There are some exciting things in store for my clients in 2022 and I am really excited to continue delivering great marketing campaigns and activities that make a positive impact in our community. See you next year!”

“To everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with in 2021, thanks for the wild ride. It doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but we got a lot done this year! I’ve worked on exciting new campaigns for some of you, and for others, I have enjoyed watching your business grow and build on our successes from 2020. I can’t wait to catch up with you all early next year to discuss what your next big step will look like, but for now let’s all enjoy a well-earned break – you deserve it!”

“Like many of you, 2020 and 2021 have been a tough two years. But it’s not been all bad – I’ve had weekend trips away in between lockdowns, got married, bought a house and started at Threesides!


I’ve learned a lot, and have focused on the important things: health, fitness, and family. I hope that upon reflection, you’ve learned valuable lessons, even if it’s just the importance of having a work-life balance or appreciating your barista or a fresh haircut. Let’s hope 2022 brings a fresh start. I’m looking forward to working with many of you next year, helping the Threesides team change lives through marketing, with a few laughs along the way.”

“A year of cancelled plans and postponed events, 2021 has seen its fair share of let downs. Periods of working from home and having social access changed and restricted every other week has been tough for many but has also provided an insight into just how much the things we do, and the people we do them with contributes to our overall wellbeing.


2021 has been a reminder to not take your friends and loved ones for granted. So in 2022, I’m looking forward to spending more time with the important people in my life and making the most of the physical moments and experiences I share with them, no matter how small or insignificant these moments may seem at the time.”

(With love from Poland)

“Merry Christmas everyone!


Despite the crazy nature of 2021, it has been a year of personal growth and professional opportunities. Although I have only officially been with Threesides for a couple of weeks, I already feel at home in this amazingly talented family. 


Thank you to all the clients I have already met, and I can’t wait to meet more of you in 2022!!”

“Wishing everyone a fantastic festive season and an even better new year. 2021 was challenging but also gave me the opportunity to work with a bunch of great people across a diverse range of branding and design projects which I am grateful for. Looking forward to a bigger 2022, being able to travel a bit more (fingers crossed) and spend time with family and friends.”

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