As the financial year comes to an end, now is the time to turn a page on what was most likely one of the least predictable years in your organisation’s history. With a blank canvas in front of you, this is your opportunity to swap your pencils for a paintbrush and make the first stroke on your next masterpiece.

In June’s Wrap, we discuss the best tools to replace Facebook Analytics, open the lid on Canberra’s biggest little package, highlight a world-first software solution for real estate agents and vendors, investigate consumer behaviour with Google’s interactive rising retail categories tool, and tuck into Healthier Work’s Networking Breakfast.

Facebook Analytics are gone – are you ready for what’s next?

Back in April, Facebook shocked marketers and advertisers across the globe when they announced that they would be discontinuing their Facebook Analytics tool on June 30, 2021.  

That time has now arrived, and in case you’re not prepared, Mark Quadros from AdEspresso has written a crash course on four tools you can use when Facebook Analytics is gone, as well as which Facebook advertising metrics you’ll want to track moving forward (and why).

It’s true – Great Things Come In Little Packages

Three of Canberra’s most innovative women have collaborated to create a distinct short-stay package bringing together the best of our region’s art and wine with a luxurious stay in Canberra this spring.

Given the name Great Things Come In Little Packages, the exclusive collaboration brings together Lake George Winery, Little National Hotel, and Canberra’s tiniest gallery – the Gallery of Small Things (GOST). Find out more about it here.

Google’s interactive tool to analyse rising retail categories

Q: What do laboratory chemicals, squashes and gourds, hand exercises, and collectible swords all have in common?

A: They’re all amongst the top rising retail categories in Australia over the past year.

Taking a closer look at the top trending categories this week, we can see that toilet paper, free weights, and drawing and painting kits are all in Australia’s top 10 (no surprises there).

Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly and unpredictably amid the Covid-19 pandemic, but one way to find data-driven information is Google’s interactive tool to understand fast-rising retail categories in Google Search, the locations where they’re growing, and the queries associated with them.

Healthier Work host a Networking Breakfast: Connecting for Men’s Health

Hosted by Tim Gavel, this breakfast focused on supporting local workplaces to understand why it’s important to think specifically about men’s health and how to best engage your male workforce in health and wellbeing initiatives.

The speakers included Professor Gary Wittert from the University of Adelaide, and OzHelp Foundation’s CEO Darren Black. Threesides assisted with the technical aspects of the morning as well as filming short videos with the information stalls from local men’s health and wellbeing services.

Canberran creates world-first software solution for real estate agents and vendors

A local Canberran real estate agent, Nick Nagel, has created a world-first cloud-based software solution called Agent 99, designed to assist real estate agents in converting higher value sales leads from start to finish, while improving trust with vendors through direct and transparent buyer feedback.

Nick says the new tool will help already time-poor agents to weed through non-productive leads.

“This tool provides a level of intelligence that real estate agents have never experienced before. Agents can use it as a selling point as it saves time on finding prospects and data capturing,” said Nick.  

If you want help achieving your marketing goals in the new financial year, get in touch with the Threesides team on (02) 6249 1117.

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