From bushfires, to a global economic meltdown due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Although “20/20” is normally used as an indication of clear and unobstructed vision, unfortunately the year 2020 seems to so far, having only offered us unclear, uncertainty.

Uncertainty that isn’t expected to end anytime soon for businesses, marketers or audiences either. We continue to evolve and to make sense of what the Corona Virus will truly mean for impacted individuals, businesses and markets.

As with the recent bushfires, at Threesides our current work activities and priorities, are anything but business as usual. From providing media and PR assistance to clients that have had to cancel or close their business, to changing a month of pre-planned social content, our days have been filled to the brim.  Helping clients innovate with 18 hours’ notice, helping them reshape their business to survive, these are not skills we ever put on our website but skills we have learnt and shared very quickly.

In following our Threesides key values, we care a lot and we still think anything is possible… we aim to keep a positive and healthy mentality in the face of COVID-19 and assist our clients to do the same. Here’s what we’ve learnt so far this month…

Content marketing can make a difference amid virus-related closures

In the COM Council’s recent Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field report, the key need for marketing organisations and professionals – like us – is to bring more discipline and strategic thinking to what we’re doing in the marketing realm during this time.

It noted that customer-centric themes and subject areas, strong content, more effective delivery networks, and measurable content performance tracking systems, are more vital during uncertain times than ever.

Marketing report jargon aside, it’s simply important that we all act quickly, decisively and create authority leadership-driven content. How? By partnering with credible and trusted sources, letting your customers inform and contribute to your content ideas, and presenting newsworthy content.

You can read the full report and further recommendations here.

It’s critical to “move at the same speed” as your consumers

As with any major shift in community behaviour or mentality, COVID-19 has underscored a need for organisations to take stock and re-evaluate broader messaging and marketing strategies. In doing this it’s important to:

  1. Develop a deep understanding of how the COVID-19 crisis will alter your consumers’ behaviour and consumption, (of both products and relevant media). For example, it may not be the best time to activate that Out of Home campaign, considering that people will rarely be out of their homes in the coming weeks, or even months.
  2. Is your organisation and team ready to implement flexible working arrangements? Do you have the right technology and team in place to respond to related business challenges, or shifts in your regular trading functions? Here’s a handy article from our client, centreRED, on the importance of business continuity in responding to COVID-19 changes.
  3. Start planning for the end of the “coronapocalypse” now. It’s not too early and it’s not wishful thinking. It’s simply ensuring your organisation is prepared for anything, while keeping your marketing and communication activities as responsive as possible.

Focus on innovation and elevation, not declination

For our clients, we understand the pressure that this may be putting on your standard business procedures and your back pocket.

It is more important than ever to try and find the silver lining during this largely gloomy period. After all, this time also gives us additional breathing space to focus on how we can all innovate our offerings, services and structures for the better. While accelerating long term growth initiatives during this otherwise slow season.

Find out what Threesides’ Directors have to say to all our clients in the face of Covid-19.

As a final note to our clients and readers – stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands and stay up to date.  We are here to support you in any way that we can, at any time.


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