We’re a little late to the game, but welcome to 2017! We’ve had some time to well and truly settle into this year, and while we’ve been busy getting back into work after the holidays, it’s important to remember that the marketing world never stops. There have been a few interesting things that have popped up in January, so here’s what you may have missed over the holiday period:

1Tourism mixes with safety in QANTAS’ new onboard safety video. This video gives audiences the opportunity to see the sights of Australia whilst simultaneously being informed on (nowhere near as exciting, but equally as important) plane safety procedures. We first saw this style of safety video with Air New Zealand, but QANTAS have taken it one step further mixing lifestyle and tourism seamlessly. This great concept shows target audiences the brand essence of QANTAS, and furthers tourism prospects by making Australia a dream destination for travelers.

2Big Pineapple, Big Banana, Big Merino, Big… Big Mac? MacDonald’s unveiled a new ‘big’ statue in Australia, just in time for Australia Day. Check out the ‘Down Under Big Big Mac’ here…

3Twitter now has an Instagram account – proving just how important Instagram is for brand awareness and audience engagement. Their Insta feed is on-brand – with the use of hashtags against well known images to signify the importance of world events.

4We’ve known for a while now that video content is the way to go, but Facebook is taking it one step further – video content now needs to be more interesting than ever, as the site will be basing it’s algorithmic tendencies on ‘video completion rates‘. By using percentages to determine how high a video will show on users’ feeds, Facebook is luring users into staying longer on the site (and furthering its own opportunities for revenue).

5Threesides has helped the Capital Region Farmer’s Market to develop a brand new app We’re super excited and the Market has been receiving lots of positive feedback on all the great features that the app offers.

6Mr Cho of Kia motors was the true champion of the 2017 Australian Open. Rather than making his speech about the Kia brand, he took the time to acknowledge finalists Nadal and Federer for the legendary sportsmen they are. He was highly commended by audiences on his admirable stance. We have noticed that a very valuable lesson can be learnt here –  ensure your brand uses its voice for all the right reasons. This sort of publicity resonates well with audiences as they see your brand us trustworthy. It also means audiences will be much more likely to have a positive reception when they see your brand in the future.

ExclamationMark The beginning of a new year means new concepts for entertaining campaigns. Check out these ones if you’re up for a laugh:


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