Step back, ADF and APS personnel – us marketing professionals have more than a few acronyms that we can drop into conversation. In fact, HubSpot curated a list of 60 acronyms that all marketers should know, but here are the ones that we use on a daily basis here at Threesides.SEO CTA CRM

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Improving the SEO of your site pages helps improve the visibility of your website in organic search results. When searching for a brand, product or service on a search engine like Google or Bing, the search engine evaluates your site on a variety of elements to produce a ranking. Among these elements are title tags, keywords, image tags, site structure, visitor behaviour, links (both internal and inbound) and external factors. There are many elements to improving SEO, some of which Lauren demystified on her blog post.

CTA: Call To Action

A post without a CTA is like a Bec with no caffeine in the morning – a little bit lost and confused. A CTA link can take many forms – a text link, “book now” button or image, for example – and seeks to encourage the viewer to perform some action. Base your CTAs around your objectives and make it easier for your customers to go and do what you want them to do.

 BR: Bounce Rate

Just in case the acronym wasn’t confusing enough, there’s two different types of bounces – website bounces and email bounces.

Website BR

On a website, the bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who land on your page and then leave without having clicked or navigated to anything else on your website. The bounce may have occurred from hitting the back button, closing the tab or clicking an external link. The higher the bounce rate, then lower the conversion rate is expected to be, as your customers aren’t staying on your page long enough to navigate your content. The quality of your page’s content and the quality of the traffic coming to your site will affect your bounce rate. The diagram below shows a simplified version of how the bounce rate is calculated.

Diagram explaining Bounce Rate

Image Source: Seriously Simple Marketing

Email BR

In an email, there are hard bounces and soft bounces. A hard bounce is a permanent bounce which has come about due to an error in the address. A soft bounce is a temporary bounce – this could be due to the recipient’s inbox being too full or an attachment being too large.  With our Threemail service, we’ll look at ways to limit the number of bounces your email campaign gets.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a system that enables easy management of business relationships through storage of their information, ideally in a central cloud-based system. An effective CRM system is invaluable for your business. Given there are countless software programs that are designed to store, track and organise client information, finding an efficient way to use them in harmony will save you time and money in the long run. By storing customer and prospective customer contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities in a central location, this information becomes readily available to your colleagues, no matter their location. At Threesides, we have several programs that work brilliantly together, some of which Rachel touched on in her blog post on Project Tools.

WOM: Word of Mouth

Ah, the elusive WOM – arguably the most potent form of marketing. In this age of social media, word of mouth has radically transformed. No longer are your opinions and brand judgement limited to those around you – your voice can be heard the world over with the click of a button. Take TripAdvisor for example – your verdict of a venue, event or location is seen by thousands and can impact on someone else’s decision to try for themselves. By implementing effective PR, social and content marketing strategies, you can leverage and engage in the conversations people are starting about your business.

These are just some of the acronyms we use on a regular basis at Threesides. What marketing acronyms do you use regularly? Leave them in the comments below (bonus points if you can use it in a sentence!)

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