The new changes to Facebook are  making a lot of social media marketers jump for joy with new ways to actively engage with consumers and their audience.  But there will be a number of us who will be drowning our sorrows or cutting our wrists because the new changes mean adapting existing content and customisations to meet the new facebook pages changes such as timelines, apps and landing pages.

In a mad rush to keep our selves up to date (so far we have had about 2 weeks to prepare) we started writing a user guide for our clients that we work on facebook with (we have about 20 clients that we co-manage facebook with).  Then I stumbled across the official guide to the changes and facebooks new page all about the changes.

So have a read below of the official facebook pages guide and while you read remember – change is for more than just parking meters and it can be a good thing.  Don’t worry, we won’t be reaching for the bandages or whisky bottle, we are ready to change!

Facebook Timeline For Pages – Product Guide – from TechCrunch

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