Australian Institute of ManagementEvery month Threesides presents on different issues around online marketing and social media to different groups around town.  Here’s some info on an upcoming event being held at the Australian Instititue of Management in Canberra – It’s a Hot Topic Presentation.  Open to members and non-members alike – should be a good chance to network and ask questions of other businesses.

Some more info below and you  can register to attend on their website:

The Dollars and Sense of Online Marketing and Communications – How to Back Winners in 2011

Websites, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Online Direct marketing — there is no end of online activities competing for your time and money in 2011. But what’s worth it, what’s not and what’s missing from your plan that you should in fact be budgeting for?

Current trends indicate that consumers are increasingly directed to the web by the organisations with which they interact. This is not only for information, but for a number of transactions, be it buying your groceries and white goods or even updating your details with government departments. In an age where most transactions occur online, how can you utilise these tools to increase business awareness and exposure in your targeted demographic areas?

This AIM Hot Topic will challenge attendees to look at their budget from a different perspective and start involving other areas of the company in the conversation. This session will cover:

* The big 5 — activities every online marketing plan needs

* Which online activities are most often missed in the budgeting process

* In-house or Outsource — how to tell when it’s time to get help

* Good ideas — but who’s going to do it all – the value of people in your plan and what is their time worth?

Get the full information on the Australian Institute of Managment website.

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