I have just been in a teleconference with a group of business owners that is coordinated by Carolyn Stafford from Connect Marketing. This group was part of a 30 day marketing challenge where each business set marketing tasks and submitted results each week. The teleconference was a great way to share and swap ideas and we got to share and take away a lot of good ideas.

One question that was asked is how to turn the teleconference recording into a youtube video.  Well maybe the best way to do it is actually to create an audio podcast and allow people to download the podcast.  But the question was specifically to create a youtube video from an MP3 so I put on my thinking hat and here is the answer:

1. To start – You need to create a movie using windows movie maker (or any other program for that matter) – youtube is only for visuals and sound together – can’t do sound without visuals – that would defeat the aim of youtube.

2. The audio from the teleconference should be used as the audio track and then you need to create visuals using title screens and pictures

3. The titles should emphasis the key points of what being said in the audio and even include any website links or product names on the screen to help people understand what is being said. Eg www.ezinearticles.com on the screen when you talk about that website

4. This way your teleconference recording actually becomes like a ‘how to webinar’ with visuals + sound. Then your promote your you tube channel link.

5. Upload to your youtube channel and you’re done.

TIP: Make sure that you tube channel is branded also to get the best branding and awareness.

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